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About - Meg Kissack
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you’re here because you’re looking for something to make you stand out.


You’re business is more than a business – it’s how you serve the world.

You want something that represents your passions, your purpose and the amazing things you do for your client.

Maybe you’re just starting out or looking to spice up your current branding.  Maybe you have a vision of exactly what you want and you want someone to bring you vision to life. Or maybe you’re not quite sure and are looking to work with that person who just gets it and can translate your mission, your purpose and your business into gorgeous branding.

But you’re a bit worried.

You want it to really stand out and communicate your vision in a way that’s YOU. You don’t want some run-of-the-mill branding – you want branding as unique as you are.

(And let’s be honest, you also don’t really want it to break your bank).

that’s where I come in


Hi, I’m Meg! I’m a graphic designer based in London, UK. I’m passionate about translating the visions of creatives, purpose-driven businesses and conscious entrepreneurs into gorgeous design that reflects the work only they can do.

I’m an INFJ, country-music-loving creative, and I’ve been obsessed with colours since I can remember.

As a designer, blogger,  small business owner and podcaster, I understand the joys as well as the frustrations that comes with running your own thing. I understand your need for genuine collaboration, for your vision to be understood and for effective systems and processes that add to your work, not take away. I understand that your business and your vision is so much more than work.

my values as a designer:


Your business and your branding should be as creative and original as you are.


Your business should align with your values and represent who you are and what you stand for


When you dare to step into your authenticity and shine online, great shit really starts to happen

I offer a wide range of graphic design services for people just like you: soulpreneurs, solopreneurs, purpose- driven ethical businesses and freelancers who are looking for the seemingly impossible: gorgeous branding that really does reflect who they are and their vision and makes them proud to hand out business cards wherever they go.

As a strategy and action-focused creative, I strive to make the process as seamless, fun and easy as possible. You can read more about how I work here.

I want this to be an exciting and creative time for you, instead of an obstacle that keeps you stuck and small.

You can see more of my work and visit my Portfolio page. If you want to know about the process and how we would work together, you can head over to Work with Me which will also answer a lot of questions you may have. And to get in touch about working together, you can find out my availability and contact details on my Contact page.

If you have a design project, or you’re looking for branding and are interested in working together, send me an email and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

I’m already excited to hear more about you and your project and how we can work together to help you be an even brighter force in the world.


where next?


Curious about working together and seeing if we’re a good fit?

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